Welcome Home & Welcome to My Disney World!

Thanks for joining me on my Disney journey!

I have been obsessed with Disney for as long as I can remember however it has only been the last ten years or so that I remember becoming this OBSESSED! My growing obsession likely developed when I became an adult and started to earn money to fund my Disney love (& living in Australia this requires quite a few $$$ as we are so far from any Disney!)

This blog has developed into a true representation of myself and how I see Disney in the wider world. Here you’ll find lots of posts about the history of Disney but also about the history behind some of Disney’s greatest stories. I also talk a lot about the global influences of some of the Disney tales.

With limited Disney opportunities in Australia I have found ways to bring Disney into my life and each Sunday I share a new and different activity that you can also do at home.

I’m not tied to any one Disney park or Disney theme I love them ALL and given I’ve spent so much time over the years writing and talking about Disney with my friends I thought it was time I shared my love with everyone so please join me as I try and share some insights into the world of Disney from the perspective of the Land Down Under!